Check out our Site!

Some of you may remember i posted a discussion about starting a collaboration, and now we have a website you can check to see our progress and learn about Codea with my tuts and Lua courtesy of other sources. Site made and managed by War0x.

PM me if your interested in joining the collab!

Still working on the page aiming to get it 100% done over the weekend.

The tutorial formatting is absolutely strange, code in italics and comments as unordered lists is not easy on the eyes. Also, a comment is sometimes written before, sometimes after the respective code. Or even on both ends? I can’t make head nor tail out of it.

Sometimes, the comment is not quite right:

parameter.action(“Clear Output”, output.clear)

  • The Red Letters between the “…” are the Variable(or whats on the button, while the blue is the callback function.

Should rather read like “The red letters between the quotes are a string value (rendered as text on the button), while the blue is the callback function.”

Sometimes, a beginner might get confused:

  • Draw text using the ‘TitleText’ parameter exposed in setup() above

text(TitleText, WIDTH/2, HEIGHT - 100)

A beginner may wonder why TitleText is not quoted here but is quoted in setup:

parameter.text(“TitleText”, “Tutorial #1”, function(t) print(t) end )

It would be better to state that TitleText is just a variable holding a string and text renders the string.

At parameter.text you should rather explain that "TitleText" is quoted because the function needs to know the very name of the variable in order to modify the contents. Without quotes the contents would be passed.

It seems to me that you feel obliged to write one or two sentences for each line of code, but the quality of the comments is lacking.

If you’d take my advice: improve the formatting and the comment quality.

Don’t worry @Codeslinger i just pasted them in and am trying to make it clean. the actual code format will be posted at the bottom at each tutorial and i never got to finish it up yesterday due to some tests i have comming up early next week.