Changing the type of project

When starting a project then I get a list of possible types of project. I can’t see (with the latest beta) how to change that after the project was created. In particular, I couldn’t figure out how to make a non-craft project into a craft one.

I’m sure that ages ago this was possible through the dependencies but that no longer seems to be the case.

@LoopSpace - I’m not sure I understand you. I am assuming you want to load one of the templates when starting a new project.

If that’s the case I tend to design my own templates by taking a basic template (default) and adding or changing them adding new tabs as needed then selecting the save as template in the drop down list - then it will be there when you select from template options on starting a new project.

All projects running in the legacy (3.x) engine are able to use Craft. The project “types” other than that are just templates to use as a starting point

You can change which engine a project uses from the Do → Preferences menu, the Modern engine is getting worked on right now (and has a fair way to go before we get to parity with 3.x)


I had a project that I had initially created as “Default”, then I added some code that used craft, at which point my project complained bitterly. So I recreated it using “Craft” and it worked fine.

Nevermind - it was a bug in my code. I thought I had identical code in the two projects, but it turned out one crucial line was different.

Apologies for the noise …

That’s OK. I think you are correct, in the past the Craft project template used to include Craft as a dependency. Eventually we just folder Craft into the main Codea so that every project included it by default

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