Changes in Learn Craft do not take on first compile

I decided to learn Craft. Copied the sample Learn Craft and making small changes to experiment. It seems that changes do not take on the first run after making the change, but if I exit the program (but not the app) they take on the second run.

Wha up with that, please?


@RonJeffries What kind of changes did you make and where. I can try them and see if I have the same issues.

@RonJeffries I think I see what the problem is. It has to do with the Codea issue where the code isn’t updated immediately. Try this. After you make a change to the code, long press on the run icon in the upper right of the screen. A pop up will show where you can select Save and Run. That will save any changes you made and then runs the code.

sounds right. kind of an odd bug … thanks!

Thanks for finding this bug, the Save and Run shouldn’t be necessary, so I’ll try to fix this using the Learn Craft project

Relatedly, save and run crashes my old ipad just about half the time. Will report on the new ipad after some work this morning.