Change/add profile pic

On the forum is there anyway to do this? I can’t seem to find the option anywhere :-S

Hallo West.

In the header, bolow the text “Codea” you see; Discussions Activiy Inbox and your name.
Tap your name, then you can edit your account.

.@hartland but I can’t see an option to upload/edit my pic/avatar only to change my gender and let other people see my email… :-S

@West Think you have to do it from your pc, if I’m correct … You are trying it on your ipad?

Yes, using my ipad. Will give it a go later - thanks for the suggestion @warox

No, can’t find it from my PC either

Hi @West. I looked into this and it was due to folder permissions on the server. I fixed them so now the profile pic option should appear (and I can see that you’ve found it already).

.@Simeon Great - thanks! Thought I was going mad not being able to find it