Capturing Video Output

Hey all, I did a search without much luck. Have any of you found a better way to capture video of your projects? The in app video is to choppy for my current need. If anyone has a tip or two I’d appreciate it :slight_smile:

If you don’t want to jailbreak, I like to AirPlay my iPad screen to my computer and capture that. Here is the two links for the utilities that I like to use:
I own both and prefer AirServer by far.
If you own a jail broken device and wish to record your screen right on the device, the app “Display Recorder” is probably the best screen recorder ($5).

As always, Thank you @zoyt You are most helpful! I’ll be gicing AirServer a go. If you don’t mind me asking, what software do you use for the recording?

@Briarfox - AirServer and Reflector have a built in recording system that also records audio.
Good luck!

@Zoyt I seem to be unable to find any info reguarding a built in recording system in AirServer. However I see that reflection offers recording. Am i missing something?

@Briarfox - Wow… I’m really sorry. I should’ve checked that fact before I posted it… I got it confused with another feature that Reflectin doesn’t have. Anyways, I assume your on a Mac. The solution I use to record my iPad’s screen is QuickTime player. It has a built in screen recorder. For more info, look here and scroll down to “Record your screen”. Sorry!

Zoyt you wrote:
The solution I use to record my iPad’s screen is QuickTime player.
I was so happy i reached to the link… But you really meant mac right…? :-((
To bad!

Got it working, reflection worked like a charm. It took me 3 computers. no recording on xp or win 8. So I found a 7 box :slight_smile:

@Briarfox - Really sorry for all that trouble. I’m glad it’s woking now.
@Jmv38 - Sorry, what I meant was that I would AirPlay my iPad screen to AirServer, then record that window with QuickTime.