Can't log on to forums in app or on browser, iPhone and iPad

When I try to log in to the forums, on my iPhone or iPad, it lets me enter my name and password, and it doesn’t tell me there’s any error, but the login window just disappears–as if I’ve logged in–without actually logging me in.

I can only access the forums from my desktop right now. Again, I don’t get any error, I don’t have any indication that something went wrong, it just doesn’t log me in at all.

Any tips?

Try putting a $ at the end of your username. See if that works.

No change, except it says it doesn’t recognize my username. If I don’t use the $, I don’t get any error, and the window disappears just as if it had logged me in, even though it didn’t.

Thanks for the suggestion though, I’m pretty much at a loss for things to try so it was a good lead to follow.

@sim @john Help needed for @UberGoober

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@dave1707 - is it just @UberGoober experiencing this or you as well?

I experienced this just over a month back - I could access the website through my mac but not my PC and phone. I have Norton and resolved the problem using their VPN. So I think it’s down to filters on the website.

@UberGoober Try the $ on the end of the password.
@Bri_G I haven’t logged out, so I don’t need to log in so I don’t know if it would affect me also.

@UberGoober I am also getting the same issue, here’s what fixed it for me:

Tap the Aa button in the Safari address bar
Choose Turn off Content Blockers
Reload the page and login again

Once logged in you can re-enable content blockers.

If you don’t have any content blockers installed, then you could try:

  • Reduce privacy restrictions (if on iOS 17 beta)
  • Try private browsing mode to see if that fixes it

I managed to narrow it down to a content blocker I have installed called “BlockBear”

I got on! I wan’t able to find any of the settings you mentioned @sim but I tried @dave1707’s $ trick at the end of the password…

…and it didn’t work, but right after that I tried again without the $ and it did work. So…:man_shrugging: