Can't log in ... and this has to be longer?/

Old forum is gone? Can’t log in here with old user RonJeffries and pw. Reset pw doesn’t take me to a reset pw that works. Log in link doesn’t log me in.

I are confuse. :grinning:

@RonJeffries When you tried to log into the new forum, you should have keyed in your user id and then selected I forgot my password. An email would have been sent to whatever email was on file for you. You would have received a link which would have taken you to a create password prompt. You could have used your old password if it was long enough or you could have created a new one. After that you would be good.

reset operation

You can look this operation video and try

I first selected send me a login link: it came, and did not log me in. Then I tried forgot my password. That link came and didn’t work. I’ll try it again now and report more carefully.

Hold on …

@RonJeffries Looks like you got logged in Ok.

Well, dunno. Worked this time. Musta selected the wrong link or ?? Thanks!


Thanks for letting us know you had some trouble @RonJeffries, I’ve updated the pinned post to include @binaryblues video on using forgot password to restore access to your old account

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