Can you use the voxel editor like Crocodile 3d?

I like the Voxel Engine but I have more expensive with 3d tile sets.
Matching the UVs with the faces and rotating the tiles are probably important features.
I feel like just editing the Voxel editor with these features would save a lot of time there’s already a grid.

Here’s a simple way how to add a tileset using Blender and Godot.
(I just like how easy the 3d collision Works for Godot.)

We all probably have procreate. lol

Simler software made in python because it’s made for blender.
open source

That’s a fantastic video you linked in your OP. I think @John is working on documenting our 3D tileset support

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It’s how I started with 3d tiles sets.

Here are some tiles if you need them the measurements are the same as in the video plus a little more. (11.5 KB)

compressed fBX. File ^