Can we turn off the number spinners, please?

Considered filing this as a bug.

Something I do often is test code, go back, and flick the source down or up to look at something else.

About 1 time in 5, I accidentally land on a carefully-chosen number - and end up spinning it to something else, with no undo. I have no idea how - I can’t seem to use them on purpose. It’s like there’s a Murphy’s Law generator built-in.

Just a preferences option to turn it off somewhere, please. And to maybe increase the font a bit while you’re at it. The issue isn’t visibility - its my giant hammy fingers. Imagine typing with your elbows, you’ll get the basic feel for it.

I don’t oppose having this as a setting, but where would you want to put the preference? Create a general settings panel that shows up in Settings app?

Heh, yeah, I thought of that as I was asking, and I thought settings might be the right place, at first - toggle spinners, font size, github credentials… And it may be, but…

The other possibility is to do all this per-project - a hold down on the icon would pop up Delete/Duplicate/Settings, with the usual stuff. I think I like that better, one of the settings could be github, either with credentials, so you can save, or without, so you can do a read-only download! So - someone makes the cool mario cart clone, gives a github URL, I make a new project, put in the URL - and BAM, it’s downloaded into that project. I could definitely see it per-project - I’d want the bigger font on things I’m actively editing, not reference projects someone else made.

I also have a problem with the number-spinner feature, but it can also be very handy :stuck_out_tongue:
So a general settings panel in the Settings app would be great :slight_smile:

You can single tap on numbers to select them, as well.

I have trouble tapping anything to select it - in many apps, not just yours - in the browser, I tend to pinch-zoom first then try to select. Tap, tap, tap, tap again - I got the wrong line, now I have to tap elsewhere and try tapping again. The Left/Right keys are a godsend, I’m usually close… would like up/down as well, I mentioned that elsewhere. This is why I ask for bigger fonts - I’m assuming it’s just me and bad aim along with fingertips 2 cm across. (ok - not that bad, but too damn big).

And if that sounds bad, you should see me on the iphone. :slight_smile:

I have the same problem with the sliders so it would definitely be nice to have the option to turn them off. I do like the tap to select though…

I also have accidentally lost values through inadvertent scrolling… :slight_smile: so I would also vote for a preference to disable them. Thanks!

+1 to deactivate spiners and color selector in preferences

+1 here as well: I often tap and hold to position the cursor in a number (or some text in a color selector), and nothing happens. If I want to edit the text of a color selector, it seems the only way to do it is to tap outside of it and use the cursor move buttons to reach the edit point.

+1 on the spinner deactivate by project. Same issues as above.

Please make this function Off by default lol. I get so many oops from this feature its frustrating, and I honestly do not use it. It is neat, and I can see how some users would love it. Just not fat fingered typists like myself

But! I do use the color selector, and love it. Please do not link these into one on or off.

@orange Have you tried the spinners in the 1.2.7 update?

They have been fixed. Or more precisely (from the release notes):

- Number sliders are now much harder to trigger accidentally

Indeed - they change they made totally fixed spinnies. I still don’t use them - but they don’t get in my way anymore, so them being there for people who do use them is totally cool.

There may be people refusing to upgrade because of the loss of .codea import.

Me :smiley: but i Love these spinners!

@Blanchot, No i havent installed the update yet… I need to do an itunes backup manually first, if you get my drift :wink: