Can we register a Codea app?

Is it possible to do so? For example, if I make a photo editing app, can I register it in iOS in such a way that an email containing a picture attached to it would offer me the option “Open with” my app? If so, how can it be done?

it will be some extra work to do in Xcode, after you have exported your codea program to Xcode.

Thanks, @Jmv38! Do you know if anyone has done it?

i think @Reefwings or @Zoyt should have some idea.

Yes, it’s super easy (to me, not anyone who had not had experience with Obj-C). I looked into using that method for sharing, but I preferred a more smooth method, so I went with using the sharing kit. When I get to a computer, I’ll give more details. Just in my opinion, the only things the user needs is the ability to tweet, FaceBook, email, save to photos, and copy to the clipboard. All those are possible with either v2.0 or my sharing library. I’d suggest looking at that first.

Thanks @Zoyt! I don’t have Obj-C experience but I guess I will have to learn. I really want to be able to open files on my app that were sent, for example, through email.