Can someone do that for me?

I am fimilar with 3D zero. Can someone judt give me a code where there is just a 3D world and i can add things? But please not with blocks but simply a normal terrain like in Fortnite :question: That would be very nice. Im making some now because Im desperate:

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@Killer.Jo - what kind of programming background are you from ? Are you into coding or Minecraft type activities ? What languages are you familiar with ?

If you are looking for a 3D scene, there is a basic one in the examples on Codea using Craft. Just check that out. There’s also a block building demo where you can add blocks etc.

Im on codea

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I don’t understand that much. Can you just give me a small but fine code? That would be sooooooo nice, but I would also like a short explanation (in the codea so with “—”)

@Killer.Jo - I think leaping into 3D in Codea with little experience with Lua is a massive step. 3D is A very complicated system in terms of building the environment, displaying objects in a 3D environment then viewing and moving them in 3D.

Could you list out the stages, in simple terms, that you would like to master to get to the 3D play & develop stage. We can then provide targeted code.

@Bri_G I want to have a world, and that’s it. But for now. With a player

Not really, no. Giving you a whole project with an in-game level editor wouldn’t help you learn much, and it’s a little unfair to show up and ask someone to do that. Making even a simple fortnite clone is a big job.

Go through some of the craft examples in the main menu, particularly “Learn Craft”, as it showcases the fundamentals interactively.

If you end up making anything, I would love to see it.

Also, forgive me if I’m wrong, but it seems like you don’t speak English well. If you tell me the language you do speak, I might know someone who can help me understand you better.

@Killer.Jo - creation of a world is a complex task and, depending on its size and complexity, it would take a long time. Adding to that if you want to include physics and interaction of a player with the world that’s a whole lot more code. There may be some forum members that have created that but I don’t think many.

The simplest ‘world’ you could probably build would be a galaxy, with a planet in and a ship. That would use a 3D cube fitted with a star map and a sphere for a planet textured with a suitable image. You would then place the ship in the centre and move the planet(s) to simulate motion. Is that what you had in mind?

Edit: Other than that I refer you to the website of @Ignatz who produced a flight simulator, racing track, sea battle and a castle in 3D worlds all published on his website.

@DJMoffinz Im from Germany and im speak german

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used to only play around with command blocks in Minecraft

@Killer.Jo - Minecraft is a totally different beast. To create a World you just have to move round the scene and add blocks, with a massive library to choose from.

Only limitations in Minecraft is your time and imagination. You don’t see the coding involved - just the interface you use to create your World. You can’t compare it to Codea.