Can i have doodle jump example

OK so yes this is direct and sounds like im asking you to write code but thats not… oh wait scrap that, i AM asking you guys to write code :smiley: because im lazy and i really like examples, infact i’d bet 90% of my codea projects is code written by you guys because i need to learn something thanks,
Anyway im trying to say is could somebody write a little game like doodle jump that demonstrates good animation techniques with either with sprites or meshes, litter it with comments take your time and have fun. if someone beats you to it, keep going, the more different versions or views i have the better. Thanks in advance O:)

There is one included with Codea called “Lua Jump”

Yeah ive got that one i was kinda hoping for something with comments littered everywhere explaining everything, i know thats asking a bit but i really need to catch up on what i know about animation im faaaar behind you guys

Not unexpectedly, the silence is deafening… :wink:

Lol i started working on my own version to get the ball rolling but we’ll see how it goes from there

Thats the spirit @Dalorbi, I think that’s pretty much the etiquette on this Forum - at least have a stab at what you’re trying to attempt, post some code if you get stuck and you wont be surprised that people then will chip in with some insight. :slight_smile:

Okay i have a problem im not sure whether i should use sprites or meshes, if meshes could somebody please tell me the things to watch out for when using meshes hint an example would be nice

.@Dalorbi as @andmac3d said, have a go yourself.

Sprites or meshes? As a beginner I would highly recommend sprites as there is much less for you to worry about.

Also, try to do things in small steps - I know for a beginner that looking at some of the examples can be daunting so, if I may, I would recommend you try and achieve the following steps one at a time.

  1. Place a sprite on screen at a specified location. Use two variables, say x and y, and set these up outside the main draw function.

  2. Move your sprite across the screen by adjusting the value of x and y in the main function

  3. Add in checks to stop the sprite leaving the screen

  4. Add in user input - when the user touches the screen move the sprite towards this point

  5. Add in animation of the sprite

If you get stuck at any of these points post your progress and myself, or someone else here, will give you a hand.

Finally, if you do really want a mesh example with animation have a look at my example here

thanks @West i think illl give both a go and see which i understand better