Can Dependencies import Main tab

I’d like to import the main functions setup and draw and a couple of other functions when I set CodeaUnit as a dependency. It appears that I can’t import the Main tab from a dependency.

Is that the case?

Is there anything special about Main? Could I just add a tab Main-C or something like that?


@Bri_G Apparently you forgot about this. Run different projects from a menu. In the “proj” table, enter the names of projects you want to run.

@dave1707 - woah - dementia setting in. No recollection of that. Have to dig further into that now. Cheers.

@RonJeffries - not tried this but would expect the main, draw and touch functions to be locked to the masters in the default program. Do any other ‘duplicated’ functions present in both the master and dependency show the same behaviour.

I have got round situations like this by providing different conditional routines in main and draw.

Another way is provide different initialisation conditions called by functions in setup and different draw routine function calls dependent upon a conditional variable. So

function setup()
    option = 1

function draw()
    if option == 1 then
    elseif option == 2 then

function init()
    if option == 1 then
    elseif option == 2 then

In other words minimise entries in main setup() and draw().

One of the features I miss in Codea is the ability to run one project from another. This used to be supplied in BBC basic by the ‘chain’ call which would free up memory, pass variables to another project and run it. Great way of running large programs in small memories.

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