Can anyone help me save this old Jmv38 project?

I wanted to see this old @Jmv38 project:

…but the zip wouldn’t open in Codea.

After chasing my tail in circles for a few hours trying to avoid having to cut and paste all of those tabs individually, I finally assembled it all, but it won’t run.

There’s an error I don’t know how to fix, a message about a ‘for’ loop, but the error marker isn’t actually appearing anywhere near a ‘for’ loop.

If anyone can spot what’s wrong please let me know.

@Bri_G XFC was a UI library made by @jvm38 it would need to be linked as a dependence.

@Bri_G Here’s one version of it, I hope it’s compatible. Please let me know if it works. It’s a pretty nice system.

@Bri_G also, could you tell me what the fixes were that you did? Maybe between us we can get this going.

@UberGoober - had a quick look, installed and eliminated 2 of 3 red bar errors but can not touch the third. That’s in the InfoItem tab in the line
InfoItem = class(XFC.MenuItem)

How far have you managed with this?

@Bri_G thanks for taking a look, you’re a prince!

I wasn’t able to fix any of the errors, they were a total mystery to me, and ultimately I went back and loaded the project at the link he posted before he posted this one, in other words, the second-to-last version of the code.

The menu items for doing height maps are visible, but they’re grayed out; I really wonder if got that working in the last version…

@UberGoober - Just coming round to the same issue when I saw your latest post. The errors I found were in MenuItem and InfoItem tabs plus the Icons tab.I resolved the first and the Icon tab seemed to be resolved, when I deleted one of a double blank lines, but the InfoItem I posted remained. After installing the JMV38 library you posted that error disappeared but the Icons tab error re-appeared. Odd.

Latest, deleted a blank line in the Icons tab and the error disappeared but when run the error re-appeared. I think this has to do with the format of the data in the Icons tab as the formatting there is strange. I think the error is recognised when the icon file is read. The error is ‘Bad for limit (number expected got nil)’.

Ok and when you say you resolved them, how did you do that?

@Bri_G once we fix all the errors we can fix on our own, maybe we can appeal to @Simeon for consultation, because some of them could be caused by the code having been written in a much older version of Codea.

Could you maybe attach a copy of the project that you’ve done fixes on, so you don’t have to explain each one to me?

@UberGoober - not sure if posting the code will help. Found only three errors as described, one a simple syntactic one - one requiring a dependency (that one you raised) and the Icon issue (not resolved) with the odd formatting and odd error behaviour.
Will post if you like but I don’t think you’ll get much from it.

@Bri_G I mean, you might be overestimating me here.

You can say they are simple fixes, but the fact is, I haven’t been able to fix them on my own.

So however you’d like to do it, if you want to post the code, or if you just want to post the fixes, it would be a nice favor and help me get up to speed.

@UberGoober - sorry about the delay, very busy but here is the code. Can’t see it helping much but you might be able to crack the Icon deciphering code.