BT KB Shortcuts

I’m using my surviving Apple device, my iPhone, to use Codea, and starting a vertical app. After hitting CMD-R, I have to reach and tap the > to get to the graphics screen. Am I missing a KB command to get to the graphics screen directly? If not, I request such a command at the developers’ convenience.

@gebloom what do you mean about the “graphics screen”? Cmd+R should run the current project when pressed on a bluetooth keyboard

Sorry, I don’t know what to call the screen without the “Type a command” overlay on the phone. I suppose “app screen” is accurate. I want to go straight to the app screen without the overlay.

@gebloom Are you looking for the “viewer.mode=FULLSCREEN” command if I understand what you’re asking.

@gebloom When you run a Codea project, are you referring to the screen that says “Parameters” at the top and you tap the < to the right of Parameters to hide that screen so you see the full graphics screen.

Yes and yes.

Yes, as dave suggests, use viewer.mode = FULLSCREEN in your setup() function and it will hide the overlay when your project runs

Of course; thank you both.