Box-Off Beta

I just completed the first fully working version of a game I’m writing (actually my first app intended for release), and I could use some feedback.
EDIT: completely broken

@FLCode - you will probably get more comments if you make a video of the key features, upload to YouTube, and post it above.

@FLCode if you are planning on releasing it might be best to create an ipa and ask for testers with TestFlight. You don’t want someone taking your code and releasing it themselves.

@FLCode nice game principle.
there is a syntax error: the lines below must replace the current ones

--# Graphics

There is still some cleanup of details needed: better instructions, score, board edges, some errors, etc…
Maybe the balls could fall when there is nothing below? Otherwise no solution in some cases.
But globally you are on the good tracks: Finish the game and sell it!

That line is actually for an extension script that modifies the graphics for a retina display. I suppose I should include that, but then I would have to include an adaptation for non-Retina users (which I’m currently working on).

And good idea about the balls falling, thanks! I’ll try to work that in.