Made a little flappy bird clone game based on some tutorials, etc

Anyone have any fun ideas on what i could try and add to the game?

Edit: messed around with some code in v 1.2 and got the same result with Box2D in use
Yes i know its messy and i need to clean it up

Version 1.2

@CodingIsLife Thanks! I almost tried writing the score in the same way i was just blind enough to try and write it in my Gameover state and it never worked.

@EvanDavis it only moves up and down in Y by pressing anywhere on the screen, i could try and have movement in X just to make the game more difficult and add some control for that

Oh yeah silly me never mind. Thanks

@EvanDavis no problem :smiley:

First of all very cool game, Nicely built. One problem that I see is I can’t get the ball to move up, but rather just stay on the starting y axis plane. Good job tho

This is a very interesting game. It did take me a while to realize you don’t tap the circle: you hold onto it. I’m in no way a Lua genius but I added some code that may be what you’re looking for. You can see what I added here