Bluetooth Keyboard Detection & Extended Keyboards?

Hi, just wondering, is there any way to detect if the user is using a Bluetooth keyboard? Lots of people do and lots of people don’t. I was thinking of making an App Store app that would greatly involve the keyboard, and realized that a lot of people would probably complain if I moved up text boxes to adjust for the soft keyboard when people are using Bluetooth. Thanks!

Edit: Extended keyboard question below.

Yet another reason it would be great to have Codea provide us with the height of the soft keyboard. Then we wouldn’t even have to know (or care) if a hardware keyboard was being used.

In addition to this keyboard related question, so as not to spam the forums with threads, does anyone know how to extend the soft keyboard? Like with Codea, the math tab, +=, documentation, search, etc. I’m assuming this is just drawing extra buttons above the keyboard, and handling the touches for them separately, regardless of the soft keyboard code?

@SkyTheCoder: AFAIK the keyboard can only be extended at the SDK level. So, unless Codea specifically provides an API for this (it doesn’t, and possibly can’t), this is not possible.

@toadkick I didn’t mean to actually modify the keyboard, I meant to create a bunch of pseudo-keys up at the top that look like soft keyboard keys, and render right above them like in Codea. Not really part of the keyboard, but, say, you could have fake parenthesis keys render at the top that, when pressed, call keyboard(“(”) or keyboard(“)”).

@SkyTheCoder: ah, I see. Yeah, if you always knew the soft keyboard height, that would doable I would think.


I know this is a very old post but I’d love to have my text boxes move above the keyboard only when the software keyboard is used.

We have isKeyboardShowing() but that doesn’t seem to do the trick.