Bluetooth Input

Has anyone experimented with bluetooth in Codea ie hooking up controllers and accepting input from them or is this functionality not part of Codea yet

@michaelmaguin: Unfortunately Code does not include this functionality (yet). AFAIK there are no plans for it, but I remain cautiously optimistic. Here’s the reason I would like it:

The idea of being able to hack the brick to use Lua, coupled with being able to write client software for the robots I make in Codea gives me the chills.

My idea was to use your ipad as a headset viewer coupled with a controller for more immersive games

Interesting, but is this functionality even avavible in Xcode? I mean, is this oppertunity even a reality?

My idea: Build a massive T-Rex robot that breathes fire, hook him up to Bluetooth, and have some fun with Lua. >:)

@akaJag: afaik, the iOS SDK supports bluetooth communication, but I don’t know what Apple’s policies are wrt bluetooth, or how much could reasonably be exposed within Codea. Another possibility is if Codea ever can implement (and expose) connecting to other devices over wi-fi, as the Ev3 supports that as well.

What will be possible is to make your own app (mostly in Codea), and then use Codea’s addon feature to implement the comms to the brick.

Either way, I will find a way to hack the brick to run Lua, and to write a client app (or a suite of them) to program/control my robots :smiley:

@toadkick - techBasic supports device-to-device Bluetooth LE comms - as well as some groovy libraries for communicating with the HiJack A/D converter which makes robotics interfacing stuff relatively easy in the iPad.

I guess doing the same I/O stuff wouldn’t be too tricky to implement in Codea and certainly shouldnt violate any Apple policies IMHO.

I’d love to see Bluetooth support - I can think of at least 2 or 3 fun games I’d like to write that could utilise this functionality - it could really open up some creative possibilities for multiplayer games.
I guess it’s all down to where this fits within TLLs roadmap/priority list.

More importantly (depending on your perspective) Bluetooth support would also open up support for the iCade and iCade Bitty (and probably a host of other) bluetooth controllers.

There is already some degree of Bluetooth support seeing as my Bluetooth keyboard works perfectly in the editor although this may be from Apple’s own keyboard library.

Either way being able to communicate with anything via Bluetooth (or even WiFi) would be very cool and could open up all sorts of exciting possibilities.

Just my $0.02

@TechDojo Indeed opening up bluetooth or wifi really opens a whole new raft of possiblities and as AndyMac3D said techbasic has the functionaliity already, it really is down to the TTL crew as to if or when we will see this.

Would any of TTL like to inform us on where they stand on this.

ok folks so i have finally gone mad and decided to try and reengineer a bluetooth keyboard into some form of usable gaming pad for the coea developers out there my main problem at the minute is codea itself if you press a key on the keyboard he key input is happy enough up until you press anoth key. Once the secondary key is released the input is nil anyone got any bright ideas to bypass this issue and the hidekeyboard function called within a draw method educes your fps down to 20.

I have posted something on this under the new features topic. My interest is also with supporting Bluetooth LE devices. The guys over at OpenSourceRF have been creating iOS apps to demonstrate their RFduino device. I am trying to get some sort of SDK for this from them. It would be great to add this to Codea. At the very least, I hope to use Codea to create the user interface and export it to iOS and do the final coupling to Bluetooth there. But, I agree with the rest of you. I am extremely excited at the prospect of using Codea to make scripted user interfaces for things like machine control or home automation.

I want to thank Andymac3D for pointing out techBasic as a bluetooth solution. After checking it out, it will do what I need but it has several limitations as well such as creating publishable apps. But it does have several features that I would like to see added to Codea such as full bluetooth LE support, a file system, and excellent math functions.

@LaserM , no worries - glad to help :slight_smile:

Actually, you can get an additional module from the TechBasic guys called ‘TechBasic App Builder’ which does pretty much what it says!

Although, just like Codea, you’ll need a Mac, Xcode and an Apple Developer Account etc…

Interested to know how you get on :wink: