bleutooth keyboard

When i bought codea i didnt know how hard it was to type on the ipad for 1 hour straight.
When i went to a local store i saw a bleutooth keyboard for 13 euro`s, i really reccomend a bleutooth keyboard now because its so much easier.

i hope you guys get one now because it is so easy to code with an keyboard.

I agree, a lot easier, and gives you the full screen

Once you play with the Codea keyboard long enough it becomes MUCH easier. Plus, from what I’ve seen, a Bluetooth keyboard is somewhere around $79.99.

most of the time, yes… BT keyboards are somewhere between $50 and $100. You can find them on sale sometimes, though. Amazon has a bunch of stuff in the $20 range. I can’t vouch for the quality, but it’s apparent that the prices of BT hardware is coming down.

The good stuff, though, is still the Logitech, Apple, and Microsoft keyboards. My favorite is the MS Bluetooth Mobile Keyboard 5000. That’s going for $27.99 on Amazon right now.

I have ordered the, much cheaper on Amazon. Also just used the Mac wireless keyboard when at home as that pairs up nicely with the iPad and makes Codea much nice to use…

yeah i know thatbluetooth keyboards are expensive, buut we have very sheap store in the netherlands named “Action” most of the time i buy somethingthere its just crap, but this time i found a universal BT keyboard that was only 13 euros. the only thing with my bluetooth keyboard is that the space isnt working good, i have to tap in the middle otherwise it wont work good.

Do any of you know any chargeable ones? The one I got eats up a lot of batteries.

Logitech has one that charges from solar panels and can pair with 3 devices at once… it’s pretty slick.

I have the chargeable Kensington folio keyboard it’s faster than the cheaper ones but that’s entirely up to you

I use a Targus BT keyboard, it was less than £30 IIRC but I can definitely second all the above comments about using one with Codea, next to AirCode it’s the best way to dev!