Big files crash the editor

I was playing around with loading a dictionary into Codea to add more words to Mark’s Scram program and found that Big files crash Codea when editing - the dictionary is of the order of 77,000 words and I made files with one word per line (as the format is Dictionary["word"] = true). Initially, I split it into files according to length of word. The longest file this produced was was 12,000 words. Trying to edit this project in Codea led to it crashing after a short time. I tried splitting the files into smaller and smaller segments, getting down to 4000 lines with it still crashing.

Eventually, I gave up and decided to use it only via project import. Then, it worked just fine. So presumably it’s some sort of memory overload when either loading, indexing, or saving (if it does an auto-save, I didn’t do an explicit save) a project in the editor. Exactly which, I’ve no idea!

(Although I’ve had this before, as the exact details might be beta-related, I’m making this beta. It might be more suited to “bug”.)

It might be a memory issue. I’m looking at your crashes in TestFlight. One of them is the autocomplete builder crash (we’re still trying to fix this). One of them looks like an out-of-memory error.

What’s interesting with the out-of-memory error is that it’s only for the editor: when I run my project (via an import), then there’s no problem with loading that file.

Also, out-of-memory would explain why it doesn’t matter how many files I split the dictionary into: it’s the same number of lines in total.