Beta (expired)

Will there be a new build now that the current build has expired?

@romspy Hopefully they’ll reload the last beta again or put out a new one soon. Until then, you can go to the App Store and download the last version that you have so you can run Codea again. I didn’t try Codea until after I read your post and noticed that Codea wouldn’t run. When I reloaded the last version, I got a spinning circle that didn’t look like the download was working, but it was downloading even though it didn’t look like it.

I mostly run it on my iPhone now so the App Store version doesn’t help.

@Simeon i hope you will reload a new beta soon? Hopefully with the ability to load the Shade shaders

Better don’t ping Simeon/John - they’re busy with Shade, if they’ll reload a new beta they’d announce it I guess

Hey everyone, we’ll have an updated Codea build up soon. Not sure about support for Shade shaders but here’s hoping!

Sorry about letting the beta expire. There’s a ton of work hidden in there that is disabled until it actually works.