Beta Discussion - 1.2.6

Not 100% sure if this is the right place to leave beta feedback - Simeon (or others), if there’s a better way, please let me know.

The new spinners are awesome - they don’t trigger when I flick like the old ones did, and they don’t seem to slow down giant files like the old ones did - A+.

I haven’t seen any operational issues - I’ll let you know if I do as I pound on this. Did you increase the Instruction limit? My Pic class had to have it set to 0, and I noticed that it doesn’t hit the out of instructions error now even with that line commented out now, a bit of a pleasant surprise.

Posting here is good – there’s only two beta testers at the moment (you and @alvelda).

Glad the number spinners work better. You can also jump up and down lines by using a flick gesture on the left/right buttons. Or by using a two finger swipe left/right in the editor view.

The instruction limit hasn’t changed. We should probably increase it to something much larger by default though.

I have trouble with the two-finger swipe (I am guessing I hit one finger before the other) being interpreted as a “select…”. But the swipe up/down on the left/right cursors works dandy. It would perhaps be nice if those keys were the same size as the rest of the keyboard keys - at half height, they’re a small target for an up/down flick. But it’s still a lot better than tapping where I want and missing 2 times of 3. :slight_smile: I’ll practice the two finger thing - it may just take getting used to.

Yeah I wanted them as extra keys but I haven’t been able to find a space for them yet.

I find the swiping is a bit tricky, as well.

I’m going to look at including Lua Sockets for the next version (probably 1.2.8).

I think the up down nav is much improved, and much better than the hunt and tap. Keep this effort coming.

I’m finding my screen cursor vertical navigation success rates at (best-to-worst)
two-finger flick = 85%
single-tap (miss-tap-again) = 70%
single finger flick on arrow = 20%

I would agree with Bortels that for my medium-sized fingers, the arrow keys are too short to effectively and repeatedly flick vertically on them.

I’d also like to see a greater tolerance on the two finger flick timing, because the failure mode is that the touch is handled as a single tap, moving the cursor to wherever you were flicking, so if you’re trying to move the cursor more than eight lines, you never get there! :wink:

Thanks @alvelda - agree about the difficulty of pulling off the gestures. I’m not really sure where else to put the up/down functionality though.

you could make the left side ABC/123 button smaller…but that’s an odd placement.