Beta 1.55(3) Bugs

I’ve hit a problem with 1.55(2) and 1.55(3) that’s put me in a bit of a spot. I have an app ready to roll, but export is breaking. Export starts as expected, but after displaying five of the funny messages, Codea bombs out. I’ve tried changing things in my app, getting rid of dependencies, using or not using an icon image, turning off shaders (since I’m not using any)… no avail.

I’ve now tried this with other projects and another iPad — same result. Codea crashes five messages into Export.

So consider this me screaming (not so quietly) and hopping up and down. I’m hurtin’ for a fix (of Codea). Oh export, sweet export, I don’t realize how dependent I’d become until you were gone.

@Mark sorry about this. I’ll look into the problem. Export is undergoing a rewrite on a different branch due to the new asset stuff, so perhaps some code snuck in from there.

New version seems to have it licked. Thanks!