Best way to share code straight from ipad

Hi can someone possibly tell me what is the best way to upload/share/paste my code for sharing straight from the iPad 2 (ie no pc/mac)
I have tried just pasting between *** and *** directly from inside a new discussion but it’s telling me I have too many characters in the body. Don’t really want to split it not multiple posts.

Thanks in advance

Sorry, best way to share code straight on an iPad is by copy and paste. To upload code to the web, try posterpouse. You can email code to it. It’s typically no a good idea anyways to put code in a post. I onoying to scroll through it.

github seems to be the most popular

Followed but pastebin

You could use posterous but it would require a zip or several posts. It may be easier but I haven’t done it.

There are a handful of other sites used including posting it straight to a personal website and/or blog.

github is probally the best but I use pastebin and put everything in one file.

Thanks zoyt I tried looking for this could not find it tried straight google and and ncase it was a typo

Sorry, i dislike autocorrect. It still helps every once in a while. Here’s the link:

Thanks ipda41001 I’ll use paste in seems the simplest GitHub requires a pc or mac. I like prefer the idea of doing every straight from the iPad (coding and pasting - surely that’s the point of codea for the iPad)

I was able to use github from the iPad but there are parts I don’t get which may be what you need a PC or Mac for.

But, ya, since I tend to produce compact things (realted to attention span) pastebin works for me