best keyboard for coding

Hate screen keyboard…
What people will reccomend?

I can recommend the Logitech one:
If you search for Bluetooth keyboards, you’ll find a discussion on those.

I personally use a Belkin FlipBlade Adjust stand and the Apple Bluetooth Keyboard. The logitech @Doffer mentioned is a great all around keyboard, but for coding and long form writing you just can’t beat a full sized keyboard.

When space and weight are a premium I use the iGo Stowaway Folding Keyboard which offers nearly full sized keys and folds small enough to fit in your pocket. Unfortunately it is no longer made and expensive to get these days.

i’d lik smth to make a solid set of keyboard and ipad 3

The Targums bluetooth one for the iPad works well

@TechDojo Targums? Do you mean Targus?