Belborough [DEMO] [WIP]

The Challenge

I’ve always wanted to make a game, and i was watching my favourite YouTube channel “Extra Credits”, which you should totally watch, and they mentioned that you should have a prototype of a game within a month, then add all the polishing. I knew i could do better, and decided to give myself 2 days to make the basic shell of a game to work with, then over the span of a month, make it into a full game (or a demo in this case.) Thus, Belborough was born.

The Installer doesn’t seem to be downloading all the code currently. Until i resolve this issue, click on the link and manually copy it.


function setup()

function success(data,status,headers)

function fail()
    alert("Please check your connection and try again.")

Current Version: 0.1.2

What’s New?

  • Fixed the hero’s damage, accidentally was left at 20000 for testing purposes
  • Added the base for some settings
  • Tried to fix the “Stars” bug
  • Added music & sound effects

Known bugs:

  • I know that if you click the “Continue” button on the win screen too fast, the buttons are still loading, so I’m trying to find a natural way to restrict the players progress.
  • Stars variable bug

Current Features:

  • Basic combat vs. 4 enemies
  • Charm bonuses, and a charm upgrade process
  • Various difficulties
  • A placeholder story (Not-canon)
  • Uses my own BleakUI

Planned Features/Changes:

  • A tutorial
  • Actually make use of the settings menu.
  • Replace the placeholder story with one that is actually canon.
  • Consumable mechanics
  • Weapon selection
  • New enemies
  • Some custom graphics for UI & Monsters
  • An OST

Any ideas? Let me know!

There’s an error when downloaded, try downloading yourself to see the error

I can’t seem to get it to work. First off, I get an error where it says “for I=1,Stars do”, saying that Stars isn’t an integer. Also, what’s up with the extreme spacing?

I got it working, looks cool

How do you play?

@EvanDavis I got mine working, too. It appears that you hit the buttons under the enemy to preform actions.

The buttons with bars are a “delay button” clicking them once will activate their function and you have to wait a specific duration before they can be used, and the spacing seems to be coming from the downloading process

the spacing seems to be coming from the downloading process
Try adding /raw before the /53CqTDgc. Like this: