Hi! I am fairly new to Codea and coding in general. I want to learn all that there is to Lua code but as of right now all I have done is gone through almost every YouTube tutorial which has not gotten me too far. I guess I would just really like to know where do I start and what other sources can I use to learn Lua code from start to finish?
Thank You!

@birdsnstuff My suggestion is to look thru the forum for example code. There is a lot of code and a lot of it is small chunks that just do something simple.

@birdsnstuff I would definitely recommend the Mr. Coxall, here is his first video. I started out with him and it taught me the basics of coding. Then, I started looking at the examples and messing around with them and seeing the changes. Then, I started making simple projects myself. After all that, you should be ready to fiddle around on the forums. Do it in which ever way you want, this is just the way that I approached it

@dave1707 @CamelCoder thank you very much for the advice! I’ll go through the Mr. Coxall videos and once I finish those I think i will begin to experiment with code that I come across here :slight_smile: thanks!