Beg GameFromScratch to make an update video

GameFromScratch had made a video about codea 10 years ago.

I think asking for an update video could be helpful.
A lot has changed I don’t know all the changes y’all probably know better then me I’d add a comment on the video asking for an update video with the new changes.
I already made two on two separate gmails.

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Hah! What a trip down memory lane. Thanks for sharing this :smiley:

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i had made a couple comments on GFS channel regarding codea, i believed he is aware of the progress but doesn’t see the audience, one day that will change though, once iPad kids grow older, when the Roblox generation needs something to do with their Lua knowledge, and once iPads with m1+ chips are ubiquitous (5-10 years) this app will explode and i hope we are all still around to see it


Only thing you can do is show your work and hope someone sees it.
at the moment.