Before I Buy...

I have a couple of questions before I buy Codea.

  1. Is it hard getting in to it
  2. Will there be updates to the app?
  3. Do I have to export to the App Store or can I put it on a website of some sort.

@SpiesWithin Some quick answers, but not necessarily the best.

  1. Not sure what you mean by getting in to it. Do you mean is it hard to learn. If you have no programming experience, then it could be hard. If you’re willing to put some effort into learning, it will take awhile, but you’ll eventually be able to write some nice programs.

  2. There have been several updates already and another one is coming up. See this link.

  3. Codea programs only run within the Codea app unless you export it and run it under Xcode. I don’t do anything with Xcode so I can’t give you a lot of info about it. You can do a forum search on Xcode.

There will be others that will give you more information.

Also, see this link for a list of previous updates.

If you want to get into game of graphics programming, Codea is a great sandpit to play in. It can also create iOS apps (with the help of a Mac).

But no programming language is easy, if you’re a beginner. They all involve some hard work at first. It’s a bit like learning a complex board game - once you get the hang of it, you have a lot of fun.