Basic game - Slash/Pop/Spin/Squash

Rudimentary game inspired by Fruit ninja/bop it. Was an idea I was toying with for the game jam but got distracted in other directions.

Code very messy and poorly documented but available here:


Now with a “Ghosties” theme

nice effects!

incredible?but its hard to play with Spin

I loved the thought process of seeing how the ghost gets cut in two, wondering if each part is a separate bitmap and realizing that with rotations and clipping you can cut the ghost in any direction. Smart animation gimmick!

Looks awesome! Almost reminds me of duck hunt with ghosts

Double post

@firewolf - yeah spin and pinch are a bit harder, particularly at the higher speeds. I think both could do with a slight tweak.

@joelhoro - yes it’s kind of a fudge as you can only slice left to right or top to bottom. I tried a more general approach where you could chop left to top but it didn’t work well. The animation on the popping on splits the ghost at the tap point but this can be difficult to see with the speed. The direction of the pinch also squashes the ghost in the same direction but I’m not 100% happy with the result.

Thanks @Ignatz & @Crumble