Basic Asset Picker using the new asset key API

Here’s a basic interface for browsing through your assets. It was entirely made on IPhone, so I don’t know how it will look like on iPad.
Also, it’s poorly optimized, but it still was able to open some of the biggest built in assets.
Have fun with it!

@dadaroulin Wow, nice job. It looks really nice. So far the only changes are to add viewer.mode=FULLSCREEN at the start of Main to get ride of the overlay screen. I haven’t tried it on my iPhone yet to see what it look like there. You must have good eyesight to do this on an iPhone. I’ll play with it more later. I currently watching the football playoffs.

PS. Pressing Done doesn’t take you back to the editor. Don’t know if that was your intention or not.

@dadaroulin Some suggestions. If you tap a png file, display the image. If it’s a text file, display the text, etc. I do something like that in one of my earlier asset programs. I think that would make your code complete.

@dave1707 Thanks for your feedback! Pressing Done only closes the interface since this is supposed to be a part of another program. But your suggestions are really good! I think I’m going to work on that and I’ll maybe post an updated version of it here.

@dadaroulin - loaded your project, crashed when I ran it but this is no surprise as it happened with @dave1707 s file lister - which was related to the number of records that we’re loaded. I think he got round it by paging a fixed number.

One way forward could be a numbers map and then pageing from the map numbers. Or, you could do it by subdirectory depth.