Basic 2D Platformer

Basic 2D (90.0 KB)
DISCLAMIER: I’m new to Codea, and there might be some wrong informations or a better way.
I’m just hoping that a newbie like me could get some help on making a 2D platformer game by this.
This uses Codea 3

For Experts: I would really appreciate your correction. If there’s something to improve, don’t hesitate. Just write down the flaws and I’ll check it.

I’ll delete this post if anything’s wrong with this.

Nice job with the code. It looks like it will be a great game. Had to make minor changes to run on my iPhone but other than that things are fine.

Gee thanks! However, what does that minor changes mean?

I moved the buttons higher because they were overlapping the character. My iPhone screen is small. I’ll see how this looks on my iPad once I get home.

You’re do a read image in draw which runs 60 times per second. The read image should be in setup and read just once. Same with spritemode.

Fixed! BTW, would it greatly impact the performance?

Running extra code always affects performance. In this case there wasn’t enough to notice. I’m surprised running read image that often didn’t cause a crash. Some things do.

Didn’t know that… I learn something every day

So nice! The animation runs so smoothly and the jump feels really good and well-timed.