Backing Up Projects Via iFunBox

Perhaps I am blind (going to an eye doctor, ear doctor, and maybe, I mean maybe, an proctologist and colonoscipist this upcoming year), but I cannot find a way to back up my Codea projects to my hard drive via iFunBox. Most of my app data can be found in “App file sharing” within iFunBox but Codea is not listed.

I want to update the OS on my iPad to the current version in order to be able to use a few apps that require the newest and greatest OS but would hate to loose the various projects that I have created and gleaned from this community.

Before I do so, I want to back up my Codea projects and therefore not lose any data.

Can anyone who uses iFunBox with normal vision help me in some way?

Thanks for any assistance that might be provided.

You could just do that backup via itunes?
(btw, unless you have a very unusual anatomy, the two last doctors wont help for your vision problem)

i just itunes backed up and that saved all my projects, i went from 5.1.1 to 6.1.2