Back on iChat... No bad words!

Let’s try to start the iChat discussion again… With no bad words :open_mouth:

I think we should get iChat on a server, like

And use the


Function to run iChat. Anybody know HTML?

<h1>Welcome to iChat server!</h1>


@aurimcoder2624 - there is already a Codea chatroom, ask @SkyTheCoder. It is difficult to write an app like this with Codea.

@Ignatz @Briarfox did all the server-side work (PHP), I did the client-side (UI), and we both did some work on sending/receiving the data.

If I remember correctly, Briarfox must have removed the server-side code as it doesn’t work anymore (I’ve been wanting to ask but keep forgetting, can you send me the PHP? I’m the kind of guy that learns from examples, and I’ve been tempted by PHP and multiplayer stuff), and I think the discussion got closed due to NatTheCoder…

Ok plz close this discussion!