Automatically go to the line with the error

Just a few minutes ago I heard about Coder for the first time. It’s amazing, but what makes an app really amazing is many updates and amazing forums/customer support. That’s Codea. One thing that I find annoying about Codea is that when there’s an error, it doesn’t go to that line like Coder does and tell you the error. I really dislike having to look at the print out and go to that line. Also, when I’m in full screen, I can’t see the errors. Please add soon.

Agreed, the error handling is minimal.

I’ve seen several issues with error reporting. They don’t generally cost much more than 10 or 30 seconds but they sap some of the fun away.

  1. Error in file within project does not cause a switch to that project code file

  2. Ideally ideally errors would also be marked with a red (1) or ($n) (or worse, just a red “(e)”) on each project file tab

  3. Error in file does not cause scroll to relevant line. Worse in combination with 1.

  4. Errors could instead be marked with red lines on scroll bar? Worse, and yet… better, if multiple errors are often usefully reported. I’m doubtful they are.

  5. Many errors give no message, simply redness. I guess this is Lua standard issue. The most annoying kind result from a mismatch of ends, for example below. You simply get a red line marking the function definition line, leaving you to play 1. 3. the searching games and 5. the guessing game.

function something
local blaa,blab
for this 1,1337
if manisonfire then

(Agh, I can't quickly get this code to print neatly in the forum. Any tips? Also my bullets were 1. 1b. 2. 2b. 3. but the forum f*rmatted it up).

@Martin - My best idea would be for a sidebar to pop up with the initial errors on it. You tap on one and it puts you at that chunk of code. Then when you get an in-app error, a button will appear below it called “View errors” wich does the same thing and contains all the errors. It can’t be too hard.
About the markdown syntax problem, look here.