Asteroid Breaker - Some game that I made in 2 hours

After watching a video about making a brick breaker type game in JavaScript using p5.js, I got a really cool idea: to make a brick breaker game, but you have to break asteroids coming down at you. After a few hours, I came up with the project attached to this post (you can import it with Codea). I know it is minimal, but I’ll probably keep working on improving it.

Any suggestions are appreciated!

How do I import the codes?

@Valgo Nice game. I wonder if you should move the paddle by using the tilt of the iPad.

Could you post it on a gist so it’s easy to cut-and-paste right from Codea itself? It’s free and it makes things a lot easier for people to look at and give you feedback on.

@TokOut Now that I think about it, it won’t let me import zipped projects either. I’ll make a gist with it (like @UberGoober said) so you can import it that way. Also, @dave1707 , I’m glad you like it! I might make it so you tilt to control the paddle, but I like the current controls.

Just updated the game - I fixed a bug, and added power ups! Powerups will randomly spawn in asteroids (the colored ones). When you break one of these asteroids, a colored dot (the power up) will spawn. Collect it with the paddle to activate!

Here’s the code for the updated version:

@Valgo I am quite new in Codea and your project helps me to learn for my own project. Thank you!

Very nicely made project! I got a score of 580.

bad github page for me. took the game from the op, hope that isn’t too deprecated (no powerups for me! :()

anyway cool game. some ideas

  1. I usually expect black or colorful star filled backgrounds in space games. But its not a rule…
  2. Accidentally paused game once because I didn’t see the pause etc buttons. for now i just clipped it
  3. asteroids that are just outlines. kind of hard
  4. i made a laser class so now my ball shoots lasers when you tap it lol
  5. ties in with #3, with outlines you can cave in the asteroid when it is hit by disconnecting the joints. So instead of immediately removing from the game (although probably still from the physics simulation, unless you want an unpredictable ball), animate its destruction.
  6. The game itself isn’t very fun, but that’s because I don’t have powerups (i am using the op code not the git) or much to do.

I am having particular difficulty trying to figure out how to do #3&5.

@Valgo fix github link?

@xThomas @UberGoober I updated the link.

Hi @valgo, is version 1.2 only available as a zip? I’m running iOS 9 on an iPad 3, which can’t run the new files app that comes with iOS 11, so I can’t do the import thing you mention in the Readme.

Really cool though! If you ever wanted to go forward with this, I would recommend making text of some kind appear on screen temporarily the first time power-ups appear, explaining what they are. I hadn’t read about them beforehand so they were very confusing to me! But maybe that’s caveat emptor, for sure…

Nice stuff though.


@em2 that’s a helpful suggestion, and I have done things like that do get contents of zip files into Codea before. In light of the roundaboutness of the experience, I’m pretty confident in saying I won’t be taking it on again soon, unless there’s an imperative of a sort I can’t currently envision.

My personal feedback and contribution is of course of no great weight in another person’s choice of how to share their code, and all the same, if someone wishes other people to see and use and respond to their code, the fewer impediments, the better.

@UberGoober I spoke [typed] too soon. Is zip file import working for you?

@em2 yes it is! Yay!

@Valgo v2 is quite an improvement on v1! I’m not convinced the clear-plastic look makes sense for the main puck, though; in my opinion it’s the thing that’s most important to visually track, so making it the hardest to spot seems challenging in the way that leads to frustration, as opposed to challenging in the way that leads to fun.