Article in Makinggames about Penguin Breakout and Codea and coding anywhere


We have an article in Makinggames about our Codea based game Penguin Breakout.
We have tried to emphasize Codea’s as the “ultimate ubiquitous developer framework”.
Hopefully this will attract more people to the Codea community!

So here is the article:,8190.html

Good reading!

Excellent, thank you for that. =D>

It seems game development is like journalism - you can get a lot of experience if you’re prepared to work for free, but users don’t want to pay you.

“ultimate ubiquitous developer framework” – I like that phrase. You often hear that Codea is good for prototyping, and of course it is excellent for that, but it’s good for so much more than that

It’s a great sandbox for learning graphic programming, too

ultimate ubiquitous developer framework

enjoyed this one. thank you!

And congratulations on Penguin Breakout, it looks great. Great article too. @oddcorrado can I ask, you mention using one of the community-created Git clients to keep your work in sync across the team, which one did you use?

Whoops… Sorry for late reply!

We use autogist from briarfox (if I remember well). Merging is not easy so the game is split over several projects.

Hopefully we can share the libs we have written, but we have a lot of clean up to do before…and docs as well.