AR Face example stopped working

I’ve recently upgraded my iPhone from a 6 to a 13. Yes, I’m late to the party.

When I first got the got phone the AR Face example worked great. Now, all of a sudden, it errors out. I’ve reset the examples just in case I introduced by playing with the code but still no-go.

I’ve powered off and on the phone to no avail.

Any suggestions, of course, are appreciated.


@Scotty I never played with AR, but I tried it and it errored out on me also. What I did to get it to work was in the tab Face, find the 2 lines that reference sphere and change them to


by reselecting them or just rekey the name. After I did that, it ran fine.

Thanks @dave1707. That did the trick.

Thanks for figuring this out! We’ve fixed it in the next release (there was an extra “Primitives” folder being accidentally copied in)