AR Face demo "Face tracking not supported" ipad Pro first gen

Am I to assume that my ipad Pro first gen will not run your AR Face demo?
If so your error message should say this some how. I see now in the Main file that it says only true depth cameras will work. Did not know this before I bought it.
AR cubes demo works though.

@NameysArMagicz It doesn’t run on my iPad Pro either, but there is so much more that Codea does that face tracking doesn’t matter to me. Maybe some day I’ll get an iPad where it does work, but right now I don’t miss it.

Ill try to port an AR demo I did in some web app to it to test. Im not angry just miffed that I need another device

Try doing a forum search for AR. I remember seeing several examples that were posted.

@NameysArMagicz sorry it’s not more clear. The True Depth camera is how Apple refers to the front-sensor array that performs Face ID. Basically any device capable of Face ID is capable of using the ARKit Face demo.