Apps to make 3D models

Hi I am trying to make a space video game and I need an app that will let me make my own models and pass them into codea so so if you know any please tell me.

Thanks Pac

@pac - if you search on the net you can download quite a few free models. Also over the years Codea contributors have used models in their demos and a search on the forum may reveal a few you can download.

There is a free package for PC or Mac you can download which is powerful but complicated. It’s called Blender.

Other packages include Wings 3D and Meshmixer, but there are many more.

What type of model are you looking for?

Space models free for use in a game

there are some ipad based 3d apps available (e.g. shapr3d, umake) but one would have to pay a monthly subscription. Unfortunately Polygonify (free) seems to be no longer available on the app store.

there was also a nice project ‘3D Mesh Lab’ by Jaybob running in Codea, search the Codea Talk for it.

@piinthesky - I have Meshlab on my iPad, OK for viewing models. No longer supported Apple keep reminding me that its no longer compatible.

I just found one called Sculptura for £4.99 but it does recommend that you have a 1st generation iPad Pro or later, I’m not sure if you can pass them into Codea but it might worth a look at if you don’t mind the price.

All, due to the recent interest scanned the net and seems to be a few newcomers. is a cross platform package that may fit the bill. Going to check it out, will feedback view later.

There’s a free app called “Sketch 3d” on IOS that appears to be a fully fledged 3D editor but like Blender it seems quite complicated to learn and the UI is a bit baffling. But it has the usual features that you’d expect from 3D modelling software such as vertex editing, face/edge extrusion, stitching, subdivision, uv mapping and imports/exports .obj files among other formats.

I’ve experimented with it a little bit trying to import some simple models into Codea but I’ve only had limited success. The geometry appears to import OK but I haven’t had much luck getting the textures / colouring to be displayed. Although I’d still suggest trying it out, I suspect I’m just missing something and need to spend some more time on it.

I does not work right on my iPad all I can put down are blocks even if I try putting it one a circle but don’t worry I am just going t o make my own 3D modeler

@pac - wow, like your ambition. May have a couple of models for you. Post later.

On the texturing front, if you are using obj/mtl files, make sure the texture your using is the correct one.

Will be playing with my own textures soon.


Thanks for the vote of confidence but I have run into a problem.

That is how do you make a plane that is a triangle I if you could help me with that then I think I will be well on my ways towards finishing.

@pac - you can use a mesh, try looking at the mesh example provided with Codea. Not sure, but it may translate into Craft as a craft.model() - worth a try.

Thanks I will try that.


Thanks I looked into it and it should work.

Hey pac try makerspace it works on obj. I used it on cameras and it worked

its okay but the problem is that it is only blocks. It’s okay but it was not really looking for.

but thanks

It’s okay now I have a pc with 3ds Max on it :smile: