App Store

How to publish on App Store? How to put App on my IPad?

@Reefwing has a huge tutorial set on this subject in the forums.

Thanks for the mention @aciolino.

.@Marcaodafiel - here is a link to the tutorial:

Let me know if you have any questions.

@Reefwing, out of curiosity - what are your downloads stats looking like on Minesweeper since launch? Just curious. Your tutorials have been invaluable - thank you. Hopefully, I can get my first one published in the New Year! :slight_smile:

It would be really useful to have a sticky thread on here (or on the Wiki?) of published Codea Apps as an inspiration to others. Just a thought.

.@andymac3d - I will post some stats on the weekend re: MineSweeper downloads. Version 1.7 (with iAds and Game Center) just got approved. There was some problem with v1.5 which I never got to the bottom of. It got rejected by Apple but I was unable to reproduce their issue.

One of the forum moderators would have to do the sticky thread thing.