App like codea for iphone

I was very excited about codea when I heard about it only to find out that it is only for iPad, I own an iphone and would really be happy to use an app identical to this one but for iphone.

If there are any alternatives to this app or even if codea will be ported to iphone please reply.

Thank you.

iPhone support may be coming soon to Codea… Maybe.

how soon do you think before it might support iphone?

I don’t know anything but I don’t think it will be any time soon. I think they would have said something about it bye now if it was coming out in the next two years cause there would be beat testing and the such.

I hope they start working on it soon cause I think it would be really cool, although the app would have less capability then the iPad one.

Edit: But, I think (if your into programing and not just interested) Codea is a huge reason to buy an iPad mini if you don’t already have a tablet.

I dont think I would buy an iPad just for codea, i would much rather use a computer in that case although, while im away from the computer i would like to be able to jump on my phone and start coding.

If you’re after ‘something that’s like Codea, but isn’t Codea, but runs on the iPhone’ - I’d look at Procoding in the App Store. It’s a pretty extensive implementation of ‘Processing’ which was one of the original inspirations for Codea. The syntax is based on Java and you’ll quickly see many of the similarities with Codea - more so than Pythonista IMHO.

There are quite a few Processing-esque IOS implementations - but this is certainly the best one. :slight_smile:

If my dad hadn’t already won an iPad at a contest, I honestly may have saved up enough money to buy an iPad, just so I could use Codea. (Of course, I wouldn’t have known about it back then, but if I did…)

i would have to have tried it out before even considering buying an ipad to get codea.

Since you don’t have an iPad, I think it’s unlikely for you to purchase Codea. So, I suggest you to search for “pythonista” in the app store. It may not as good as Codea but it works on iPhone/iPod.

Pythonista is also similar syntax to lua with a few changes, so the learning experience shouldn’t be too different… Personally I think Codea is a great tool, but you’d have to already own an iPad and use Codea to realise the potential it has to offer. So this won’t want you to buy an iPad, for obvious reasons but that doesn’t mean pythonista isn’t open to you, it doesn’t focus on graphics as much as app making and making things ‘do stuff’. But if you search Codea Play, this is an app that might be coming for iPhone soon, but there’s no further mention of it yet.

Codea was one of the reasons I did get an iPad - I’d wanted one for ages anyway, although “other” tablets were available, but for me hand’s down Codea was the deciding factor.

I actually brought Codea when it was on sale BEFORE I got my iPad and it was the second app I downloaded (Apple automatically installed iBooks as soon as I connected to the App Store!) as soon as I turned it on!

I may be asking for a lot but does any app exist to make games without the need for coding on iPhone?

I could not code on an iPhone, it’s perfect for the iPad since there is so much room but I would like to see it for the iPhone In the future

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