App has annoying issue at start up

Hello forums, im working on this app and its currently on the appstore, its called “heart rf tool”, its for research so not really intended for public use. However i cant seem to get rid of the side panel popping in and out momentarily at the start, im using fullscreen no buttons in setup.

Any ideas?



I am guessing this is due to errors, does any orange text show in the output when the side panel pops up? That is due to an error somewhere in the code and if you give it to us we can help you debug it.

Ive checked the panel, no errors at any time. The code is about 10k lines long, however there is nothing complicated in terms of the side panel, i have placed a displayMode(FULLSCREEN_NO_BUTTONS) straight after function setup()

We cannot help you without code. The problem is either a bug in your code or (far less likely) a fault in Codea, and in either case, we need to see code.

Can you create a greatly simplified version that produces the same problem? This is also a very good way to isolate the error.

Try placing displayMode(FULLSCREEN_NO_BUTTONS) before function setup().

Hello guys, ive decided that there are parts of the project that have a higher priority and will just leave this issue for now. I’ve looked at code from the cargo bot app and they have omitted the fullscreen() function, I have tried that but the issue persist.

In a later date when i a working on my second app, ill revisit this issue.

Thanks everybody.

If you place displayMode(FULLSCREEN_NO_BUTTONS) as the first line of your program, before function setup() and outside any function, it should work.

Like this:


function setup()
    --your code

function draw()
    --your draw code

I’ll give it a go-thanks!

@archistudent if you expect people to help you sorting some kind of issue, and it has been repeatedly advised to post a bit of code to give us all more information, giving more details not only you’ll sort that issue out sooner, but it will let people helping you to spend less time on it and possibly take care of their prjects or helping other chaps.
Just sayin’

Yep ive started doing that now cheers

Perhaps this isn’t what you mean, but I’ve noticed that exported projects since 2.1 (or maybe 2.0) have flashed a gray screen on start up.

@JakAttak - I’ve had that issue on my last project, @Simeon - would it be possible to use black as the default colour so as to not make this issue as noticeable?

@TechDojo Yes, I have started to use black now, it seems to work.

@archistudent, how did you do this? just draw a black rectangle at setup?

In xcode, it will ask you for an image for start up, use a black image here.