Anyone have http.request working inside a class?

When I use http.request as a global function, things work well. However, if I make it a part of a class, it loses the data being sent to the callback.

For example:

Loader = class()

function Loader:init()
    self.files = {}

function Loader:AddFile(file) --, destobj)
    table.insert(self.files, {file})

function Loader:Load()
for _,master in pairs(self.files) do
    for k,v in pairs(master) do
        http.request( v, self.Process ) -- calls, but fails

function Loader:Process( data, status, headers )
    print( "Response Status: " .. status ) -- data holds my 200!
    -- Store in our global variable
    print (#data .. " bytes long")
    -- Check if the status is OK (200)
    if status == 200 then
        -- do work
        print( "Error downloading file" )

When this is run, the field for data in the callback function actually holds the value for status (200) when the http request comes back.

Is there something I’m not calling or setting up correctly?

To work around this, I wrote a single thread lazy loader. but I can see from some experiments I did that http.request doesn’t seem single thread bound.

When you refer to self.Process in the statement “http.request( v, self.Process )”, the Process method is not bound to self (as is the case in Python, for example).

Instead, you need to do:

http.request(v, function(data, status, headers)
    self.Process(data, status, headers)

Tanks, Nat. Makes sense. I ended up needing to use self:Process, though.

I am having a similar issue. I have the need to create a class where the object would need its own instance of http.requests and parsing. I can get everything fine in main, but when i try to put it in a class, it always gives the error that the #2 argument expected to be a function… which it is, but its not handling it correctly for some reason. I’ve tried self:function as well as function(data, status, headers) and also self:function(data, status, headers) and nothing seems to work.

@hotwire I realize super old thread but for the sake of it I posted what I did:
I needed to change the function to self.function rather than self:function, with no () or anything.

http.request( "", ShaderToy.decoder )

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