Anybody have a go-to 3D math library?

I’m having ChatGPT help me with code, and it simply cannot remember that Codea can’t multiply vec3s or quaternions.

I’m sick of telling it “you have to write that out because there’s no support for it,” and I want to just get a good library for 3-D math so I can handle that better.

@LoopSpace has provided everything you could ever need in one of his libraries vecExt. Do a search.

Codea does do quaternions.

It doesn’t multiply them does it?

I think Codea does multiply the quaternions.

The vec3 multiplication is via .dot or .cross.

My extension library is available on github.

I call it an extension library because it extends the existing objects by adding methods. For example, you can apply a quaternion to a vec3 by v^q.