Any chance on a Codea roadmap update?

@Simeon I’ve noticed some more commits on the twitter feed. I’m really curious about the in app browser overhaul. Any chance we could get a roadmap update? Purdy Please :slight_smile:

I was wondering I haven’t heard anything about development on the forum and the roadmap thread title hasn’t been updated to 1.5.2

There aren’t any new beta threads either. I think that they’re either enjoying their time after releasing Crabitron (which they deserve to) or working on other things.

I’m actually doing an entry for your game competition, @Zoyt (although obviously not in the running to win).

I’m building a game oriented effects library that I’d love to get community feedback on before deciding whether to bundle it with Codea. The game is a way to demo the library.

@Simeon: This is awesome news.

@Simeon - That was unexpected. That sounds really cool. I’m looking forward to seeing what it has to offer.

Fantastic! Make sure it runs on ipad1 too…

Awesome! Looking forward to seeing it.

@Jmv38 I can’t promise anything. I’m not spending any time optimising the drawing (I.e. it’s using sprite, not mesh). I did this to keep the code more concise and easy to play with.

@Simeon fine! I have noticed ipad1 specific problems mostly with mesh and shaders. So it should be ok.