Another bouncing one off the wall


I have just spent a few hours exporting all my on pad Codea files so I can store them on zips externally. Re-opening them directly from the storage is very quick (note I don’t include assets in the exported file - I use asset folders for them in the Codea root).
So - why don’t we save Codea files as zips?

It would simplify storage and mean we can move files around without complications.

Edit: a preferences option for zip or not would allow users to choose their preferred save option.

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That’s not a bad idea. I guess we use folders because that’s the macOS way, but zip files are easier to move around. Possibly we could support both options, the downside of using zip is it becomes impossible to use Codea with a version control system like Git.

@sim - thanks for the feedback. I had trouble popping up your reply on my phone - it just flashed up and disappeared. Then on the computer it kept telling me to save the post. I realised that I had posted an edit shortly after the initial post, but not closed/saved it - once accepted the forum, for me, was back to normal.

If you look at the edit it’s on the lines of your suggestion, placing an option in Codea preferences as to file handling type. That way you can get the best of both worlds.

I wasn’t sure if you had opted for the Codea file type because Apple might have restrictions on filing.

Thanks again.