[ANN] Codakido (SDL based Codea-alike system)


I and my son Enea are big Codea fans, but unfortunately we don’t own an iPad at home, so we can play with it only when we are at the office where I usually work. From time to time we forget to bring the iPad with us for the weekend, and this happened again today, so I created this open source SDL-based Codea-alike system, called Codakido, that you can find at the following URL:


The system is far from being complete, but implements already enough for somebody accustomed to Codea to play programming using an OSX or Linux computer. However when possible I tried to follow the API exported by Codea.

If you want to contribute code, ideas, or programming examples, you are really welcome.

Thanks to the Codea author for this great system… I look forward to Codea Play, very exciting!

Someday if I get a Rasberry PI, it would be neat to have Codea on it.

@Ipda41001: excellent idea indeed! If the project goes forward I’ll surely ping the Rasberry PI guys to see if it can be integrated in the default distribution. I also plan to add an embedded editor in the system so that kids can program without switching between a real editor and Codakido. Thanks.

Hi Antirez,
I use Love2d lua on the pc, run in the environment provided on the Codea site to mimic Codea, and have it fine. Thanks for your Package - I’ll be trying it out. On the RPi front I understand that they are also going to be providing BBC Basic (in a cross platform format) and are touting the RPi as the BBC Micro 2. I’m hoping to get an RPi in the second wave and intend pursuing all options. I’ll keep an eye on your progress.

Bri_G: thank you for the informations! Very interesting. But I wonder why they picked BASIC. What I mean is, this is exactly how many of us learned to program, but the real point is an integrated environment with commands that immediately do something that is fun and understandable. 10 No need to force kids to use a bad language GOTO 10!!!

My next step is definitely to provide an integrated editor so that the system can be used in full screen with focus on what the programmer is doing, and a gallery of stuff fetched from the internet. Every project should be submittable to the internet with a “share” button and if it passes the inspection it gets published in the gallery. Or something like that. All this… if I’ll find the time of course :slight_smile:

That looks great, @antirez! If you’d like I can give you the Lua file we use to implement classes? I can also provide some of our C-side Lua libraries (vec2, for instance), if you’re interested.

Also we’ll be open sourcing the iOS Codea Engine soon, so that should help with your project as well.

@Simeon: thanks! it’s awesome that you are open sourcing the Codea engine.
I was not aware that there was an implementation of Classes integrated into Codea, for now I’ve pretty basic stuff so I probably don’t need it, but I look forward to see the released code and take the parts that I can use, if the license will be compatible.

In the course of the weekend I added an integrated C64-style editor to Codakido (already pushed on the github source code), so that it starts to be a bit more viable. One great think about Codea, at least looking at my son playing with it, is the editor, so it was not really viable for Codakido to have to resort to an external editor. I hope this improves enough the project that I’ll get some help. Otherwise I’ll have to wait for more free time.

Thanks again!

Hello again, I renamed the project so the URL also changed. The new name is: Load81.


Wow. I just ran across it while browsing the Chrome store. I had totally forgot about it. Great job!