Analysis of forum users

I’ve done a little analysis of the public forum stats since the beginning, and summarized the info in a Google doc here

What is interesting is that our retention rate is about 70%, meaning that of all the users who register on the forum, over 2/3 seem to stay active (measured as having visited in the last 90 days). This is pretty good.

If you want to know who has visited the most, posted the most, etc, it has that too. All the regulars are way up there.

I also picked my favourite user name - Batman_drinks_tea …

Nice work Ignatz. I seem to recognise most of the members who are Alive.

@Ignatz, Interesting does this include any banned users or spammers?

Nope, they are deleted

@Ignatz - interesting stuff! Just curious how you calculate ‘visits’ ? is it unique ‘logins’ or forum page views? I tend to keep myself logged in a browser tab and access the forum when I need to. How does this work with your stats?

I’m using the forum stats. If you touch your name, you’ll see on your personal page all the information I collected by simply scraping that page.

So I’m guessing visits are different sessions, but I don’t know for sure. Some people like dave1707 have very high daily visit counts!

@Ignatz I usually close my iPad when it’s not in use, so whenever I look at the forum, I start fresh. And I’m constantly doing that in the evening while I watch TV. So if you don’t exit the forum, it doesn’t up the count.

@dave1707 - judging by the amount of code you write, your TV must be pretty boring!

I resorted the main data sheet by total posts, which is probably a better measure of who is most active…

@Ignatz With the new TV programs that are coming out, I might be throwing my TV out. I hate reality shows (so rigged) and other shows like them. It’s getting that the commercials are better than the actual programs. It seems the more channels there are, the less there is to watch.

@Ignatz I better start posting more to build up my stats.

@dave1707, you already posted alot, I still have a long way to go before reaching your numbers of post :wink:

Wow… #10 most posts. What amazes me most is that @dave1707 is not #1, but #7.

@Saurabh Me too!

I’m just pleased to see that I am “alive”. I woke up today not entirely sure :stuck_out_tongue:

Wow! Nice. I have to say, even though there are things we can dramatically improve on, one of the main reasons I stay here is because the forums are so good, compared to places like Gideros Mobile, where people get angry at you for simple questions, and GameSalad, where you’d see about 3 of the same question on one pages.

I need a holiday!

very interesting @ignatz

I check in once a day at work but I rarely login. I chirp in here and there, but I mostly read and learn. I could have won $10,000 on the family feud with the top ten posters in the forums.

@Thwapp You’d need to login more than once a day…

@Zoyt I think part of why it’s a friendly good community is that it’s relatively small. My experience with other forums is generally when they get big, that’s when you start getting a lot of repetitive questions and the long termers get grumpy and quit. Not that I don’t want it to be successful and grow, I absolutely do, but if it gets bigger, that’s when the hassle will start.

Also helps that it’s good technical geeky stuff, people only come here if they are already engaged in interesting stuff.